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How To Find Time To Budget When You Have No Time


Do you want to know what I continually hear from clients when we talk about budgeting? The conversation usually goes something like this?


Me: “Do you have a budget?”

Client: “Not really, but I know I should”

Me: “What’s stopping you?”

Client: “I’m really busy, I don’t have the time to budget. And it seems really hard.”



Let’s just resolve this once and for all:

Lesson #1: You do have the time to budget

Lesson #2: Budgeting isn’t hard


I’m Darcel, and I’ve spent the past ten years as a bankruptcy attorney, helping people gain a fresh start with bankruptcy.


Over the years, I’ve come to realize that after the bankruptcy was complete, and people received their bankruptcy discharge, they needed help learning how to rebuild.


And that’s where Your Planning Coach was born.


I truly believe that when you are intentional with your actions, and make a plan, that you can succeed at anything.


And this is why I created this free guide.


I’m here to help you make a plan, implement that plan, and be accountable for your financial decisions.  That’s why over here at YPC, we’ll be covering:



I want to show you how you can take just 10 minutes out of your day to not just plan for, but also implement your budget. And that’s the key. The implementation.


Want to learn more about how you CAN find time to budget? Take a look at our free guide and learn how you can incorporate budgeting into your day in just 10 minutes (yes, 10 minutes!).


Talk to you soon!





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