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Life After Bankruptcy Guides

With your bankruptcy behind you, I want to help you jump start your financial recovery and begin rebuilding your finances.


These guides will help you with life after bankruptcy; and they’re available to download for free!


  • Budgeting After Bankruptcy Guide In this guide, I outline your first five steps you should take in order to begin not only preparing your budget, but also implementing it as a regular habit. Through this process, you will begin to uncover your daily “pain points” which are negatively impacting your financial bottom line. This guide also includes a free template for creating your budget.



  • How to Rebuild Your Credit After Bankruptcy In this guide, we’re talking all things credit. Credit cards, car loans, mortgages…I’ve got you covered. Don’t start applying for new credit after bankruptcy until you’ve checked out my free guide.


Be sure to stay tuned, as more guides will be coming available!