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Let’s talk about goals.

What are your goals? Short term, long term, what do they look like?

It may be hard to even put your goals into words; maybe you’re not clear on them.

It’s the first full week of November, there’s less than 50 days until Christmas (yikes!), and at this time of year, we all have a tendency to get wrapped up in our family, loves ones, friends, and don’t get me wrong, I think it’s an amazing time of year.

But I also think that it’s important to not forget about yourself, or put yourself on the back burner.

Having goals and plans for yourself is the only surefire way to ensure that you will have success in life. Having success and goals will certainly mean different things to all of us.

I’m here to help people with life after bankruptcy. And in doing so, I’m always asking my clients about their goals. When you have goals, and you put a plan into place to achieve those goals, you have direction. You don’t have your head in the sand, nor are you treading water. You’re taking charge of your life and putting yourself in the driver’s seat. It’s an absolute must that you are in the driver’s seat of your own car.

Unfortunately, people haven’t set goals for themselves. Why?

  • Maybe they think it’s too difficult.
  • Maybe they don’t believe in themselves.
  • Or maybe they just feel lost and don’t know where to start.

When working on your goals, keep in mind that there are different types, along with different steps along the way to those goals. You’ll first set the goal, and then work backwards to determine the planning that must go into place in order to achieve those goals. Planning is the core of anything that you want in life. If you’re not willing to take the time to plan for something that you want, then it’s not really a priority to you. After you have your goal and have outlined your plan to achieve that goal, give yourself a date as to when you want to achieve that goal. Want smaller steps? Give yourself a date as to when specific steps of your plan will be done. And I absolutely love a checklist. And do you know what’s better than having a checklist? Being able to check things off of that checklist as you go!

If you haven’t sat down to make goals for yourself, and actually write them out, then I want you to take 10 minutes now to do so. It’s so important that you do this for yourself. We’re not just talking about financial goals. What other goals do you have?

  • Career?
  • Family?
  • Personal relationships?
  • Other?

When you have goals, you are taking positive actions to obtain a specific result. Even if you don’t attain your goal, or you don’t do so in the time frame you want to, don’t forget to look at all the progress you made while you were working on that goal.

I look forward to hearing about how you crushed your goals!

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